Librarian in the mirror: Using reflection for professional and personal wellbeing


Research has shown correlations between self-reflection, insight, and positive wellbeing. Academic librarians can use reflective practice in their lives to increase wellbeing, both professionally and personally. This session provides examples of how reflection can be used in your professional practice to increase your wellbeing. Models of reflective practice will be summarized; examples include Gibbs’ reflective cycle, Brookfield’s four lenses, and Jasper’s ERA model. In addition to increasing your overall wellbeing, this session will describe how reflection can support your professional practice. Examples will be given to demonstrate the impact reflection can have on your work life. Attendees will also be given an exercise to practice reflective writing to promote wellbeing. Come join the session, take a look in the mirror, and find out how you can use reflection to promote positive wellbeing.

Jun 6, 2022 10:00 AM