April Member Profile


April’s Member Profile is of Inaam Charaf, Public Services Librarian | Diversity Portfolio at the Greater Victoria Public Library.

Tell us about something you’re passionate about outside of work?

I have a great passion for tennis, and I love the game and everything about it! I watch all the Grand Slam tournaments and the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments! I don’t allow myself to miss any of these tournaments! I love practicing and playing, but sometimes it’s hard to find a partner! My favorite player is Rafael Nadal, I started following him since he was 17 years old, in second place, Roger Federer.

What is something people would be surprised if they knew about you?

People may be surprised if they knew that I hold a PhD in Library and Information Science! In addition to my Arabic mother tongue, I speak French and English! I am also a very good cook, I love cooking, mostly Syrian cuisine, but I also love learning different recipes from different cultures!

What are your research interests?

I am very interested in equity, diversity, and inclusion in public and academic libraries! I am passionate about research projects that focus on the library and librarian’s role in bridging communities! Working as Public Service Librarian offered me a great opportunity to develop specific analytical and statistical research skills and orientations based on a Community-Led Approach!

What were you doing before you started your current work position?

I was a Public Service Development Librarian at the New Brunswick Public Library Service! This was my very first experience in public library sector, I learned new skills that enhanced my ability to collaborate with different community partners and stakeholders to develop, promote, and evaluate research needs that support diverse’ groups communities and their representation in public libraries!

Weigh in: is CAPAL pronounced ‘capple’ or ‘ca-pal’?

I pronounced it « capple » « CAPAL rhymes with apple”

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