February Member Profile: Adam Cohen


CAPAL’s member profile for February is of Adam Cohen, Metadata Librarian at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Adam Cohen

What would you be if you weren’t a librarian?

If I wasn’t a librarian I probably would have continued on with archaeology as that’s what my undergraduate was in. I was always interested in academia, but the physical labour involved in archaeology was a little more than I wanted at the time. Thankfully I’m now still apart of academia, and am also able to utilize my subject knowledge as an anthropology subject librarian!


What is the best thing about living in your city? What’s the worst?

I very recently moved to Prince George in B.C. in order to start my current position. My favourite thing about the city so far is nature! It’s wonderful being so close a number of really great hiking trails, and as someone who grew up on the prairies, it’s nice to see so many trees! I’m looking forward to post-COVID times when I can really explore the city.

What are your research interests?

As a metadata librarian who frequently receives looks of confusion when describing my job I’ve recently become very interested in teaching, but specifically how we as librarians can teach more complicated and technical aspects of our jobs to the wider librarian community.

What were you doing before you started your current work position?

Before my current job I was an academic library resident at the University of Alberta Library. In this position I focused on the transition to linked data that is currently being undertaken there.

Weigh in: is CAPAL pronounced ‘capple’ or ‘ca-pal’?

My brain says « ca-pal » but my mouth says « capple. »

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