December Member Profile: Alissa Droog


CAPAL’s Member Profile for December is of Alissa Droog, Assistant Professor, Education & Social Sciences Librarian at Northern Illinois University.

What would you be if you weren’t a librarian?

If I wasn’t a librarian, I would probably be a high school teacher right now. I completed my B.Ed a couple years ago in Ontario and almost went that route before deciding that I didn’t want to leave academia!

What are you reading right now? What is it about?

I always have a couple books on the go and I’ll share 3 of them here! As an early career librarian on the tenure-track, I am trying to setup a daily writing practice by reading How to Write A lot by Paul J. Silvia. Outside of work, I’m loving the beautiful writing style in Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. I also love children’s literature and am currently working through an anthology of Traditional Russian Fairy Tales!

What were you doing before you started your current work position?

I started at Northern Illinois University remotely from Edmonton during the pandemic, but before that, I was the Digital Literacies Resident Librarian at the University of Alberta for almost a year. It was a great experience and Edmonton is an incredible city to live in.

What are you most excited to be working on right now?

Since I work primarily with graduate students in Education and I love to teach, I’ve been excited to collaborate with our Graduate School to offer some workshops on parts of the research life-cycle that I don’t often get to teach! I offered one last term on choosing a journal to publish in and have an upcoming one on increasing the visibility of your research!

Weigh in: is CAPAL pronounced ‘capple’ or ‘ca-pal’?

Capple all the way!

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