Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship: 2020 Vision


In this guest post from CAPAL’s journal CJAL, editors share a reflection on their accomplishments, and a look forward to the year ahead, with CAPAL members.


As we plan for the continued growth of the Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship (CJAL) in 2020 and beyond, we must first pause and reflect upon some of the benchmarks CJAL and its community of writers, readers, reviewers, and supporters have accomplished thus far.

We have published five volumes since the journal was launched in 2016. Our most recent volume was propelled by its Special Focus on Research and Scholarship. The six articles, three book reviews, and editorial for the Special Focus were managed by a team of guest editors consisting of the members of CAPAL’s Research and Scholarship Committee. In addition to the Special Focus, in volume 5 we published three peer-reviewed articles and 14 (!) book reviews, which span a range of topics from archives to instruction, and in settings from the workplace to society at large.

Overall, since the inaugural volume of the journal published 4 years ago, CJAL has received 54 article submissions, 35 of which were submitted in the past two years. 43% of articles submitted have been accepted for publication. Coupled with the download and citation metrics found in Table 1 below, we are excited and optimistic about the continued growth and upward trajectory of CJAL and its community.


Enlightenment, Neoliberalism, and Information Literacy (volume 1)232918
Student Success and the Neoliberal Academic Library (volume 1)192414
The Situatedness of the Seeker: Toward a Heideggerian Understanding of Information Seeking (volume 1)4897
Leadership Development for Academic Librarians: Maintaining the Status Quo? (volume 4)12001
New Librarians and the Practice of Everyday Life (volume 5)11230

Table 1. From June 2019, downloads and citations for select articles since publication of the first issue in 2016.


Looking forward to 2020 and Volume 6, a new team of guest editors are working on a special issue themed “Academic Libraries and the Irrational.” We are also happy to announce that articles from our forthcoming issue will not only be available on our website, but will also be hosted on Érudit, an open access, non-profit publishing platform based in Quebec. As a result of this new partnership, we anticipate and hope that our reach and readership, and consequently, our download and citation statistics, will increase. Beyond the numbers, we hope that our journal will increasingly more accurately reflect the diversity of voices in Canada’s academic library landscape.

We look forward to seeing your article and book review submissions to CJAL. We accept article submissions that relate to our Focus and Scope at any time. We are also happy to answer questions from potential authors. We want publishing an article to be a supportive and positive experience for authors.

Thank you for your support of CJAL, in any and all capacities, whether as readers or writers or reviewers or guest editors. Happy reading and researching into the new decade and beyond!