CAPAL Committee Member on Being Part of the Association

Throughout the month of December the Membership Committee has been sharing CAPAL members’ experiences with participating in CAPAL on social media. This blog post, from CAPAL Membership Committee Chair Cody Fullerton, shares his experience of the benefits of CAPAL membership as an early career librarian.

Becoming a member of CAPAL has truly expanded my idea of academic librarianship. Being exposed to issues in other institutions from all across Canada has been beneficial in my own work here at the University of Manitoba. I was asked by a colleague in 2018 if I would join a committee and without much thought I was going to decline, citing an already busy work environment that we all have. After further contemplation though, I decided to give it a shot. I even went so far as to become the chair of the Membership Committee straight away. There was a slight learning curve, but the current committee members got me up to speed quickly and soon much of the beginning of meetings was catching up and sharing holiday plans. The committees are small and, for the most part, spread across the country. Being a member of the organization is great, but serving on a committee made me appreciate the work of the organization and made me feel part of the Canadian academic library community. In my opinion this can be especially beneficial for earlier career librarians, such as myself, to network and place yourself within the academic librarian context. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll consider CAPAL committee work.