2018 CAPAL/ACBAP Bursary for Student Conference Attendance Recipient

The Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians/l’Association Canadienne des Bibliothécaires Académiques Professionnels (CAPAL/ACBAP) is pleased to announce Donna Langille has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 CAPAL/ACBAP Bursary for Student Conference Attendance. Donna is a first year Master of Information Studies student at McGill University and sits on the National Student Committee as a Member-at-Large. In January 2018, she was elected as the Co-Chair of the McGill CAPAL Student Association. Donna says: “I am passionate about social justice and an avid proponent of critical librarianship, so I am very excited to attend this year’s CAPAL conference. I look forward to presenting at the conference and learning from other librarians and information professionals in the field who are interested in critical librarianship. I hope to find a network of peers who are engaged in social justice work.”

The Research and Scholarship Committee was unanimous in its decision to award Donna this year’s CAPAL student bursary. Committee Chair Melanie Boyd notes that Donna’s application was “thoughtful and thorough, and articulated keen interest in important issues facing academic librarianship today.” She adds, “It’s great to see this CAPAL bursary, valued at $500, go to a deserving student. The more LIS students at our conferences, the better. We benefit so much from their presence and fresh perspectives.”

Donna will be presenting a paper entitled “Decolonizing Academic Libraries: Critical Information Literacy and Truth and Reconciliation” at the CAPAL18 conference in Regina. Please join us in congratulating Donna; we look forward to seeing you at CAPAL18!

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