Publications Committee Call for Nominations

The CAPAL/ACBAP Nominating Committee is putting out its first call for those interested in being part of a new committee — The Publications Committee:

Extra, Extra read all about it in the Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship / Revue canadienne de bibliothéconomie universitaire, CAPAL/ACBAP’s peer reviewed, open access academic journal has published its first research paper:

Now what we need is…

A Publications Committee with the responsibility for and oversight of this official external CAPAL/ACBAP publication.

Duties are:

  • Recommending to the Board the appointment and renewal of Editors
  • Being responsible for financial and other management issues and business policies
  • Reviewing and evaluating the performance of the Editors and the journal
  • Serving as a resource for the Editors on issues that arise
  • Resolving any conflicts that arise with respect to the journal

Please contact the  CAPAL/ACBAP Nominating Committee for further details at:  and sign up or suggest others that you think might be interested.


Nominating Committee: Members are:

Lenard Lawless (Ottawa)

Jeff Newman (Chair) (New College, Toronto)

Victoria Skelton (Toronto)

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