#CAPAL16 Pre-conference: Building a Program of Research

Short Quiz for Librarian Scholars
#CAPAL16 Pre-conference: Building a Program of Research

  • a peer reviewer assessing your paper submission to a journal
  • a jury mulling over your grant application
  • the audience at your conference presentation
  • a colleague listening to your latest idea for a research project

Q: Which of the following responses would a scholar NOT want from any of the above?

  1. I hadn’t thought of that…
  2. Articulate and coherent.
  3. This will make a difference.
  4. Provocative and profound.
  5. So what?

A: 5

Curious? Then join us on Saturday, May 28th at the CAPAL 2016 pre-conference workshop entitled Delving Deeper: Building a Meaningful Program of Research.

This full-day exploration will bring together librarians who are on a quest to build research programs that provoke answers (1) to (4), and never (5). Engage with and learn from five facilitators and panelists with experience and knowledge about how to accomplish this.

For more information about the workshop and presenters, and how to register:

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