#CAPAL15 Critical Tweets Competition

To increase engagement and discussion at the conference, we will be hosting a Critical Tweets Competition at #CAPAL15. The goal of the competition is to generate online and in-person engagement with the critical research presented at the conference and to build community among our colleagues.

The competition is open to all attendees with a public twitter account (note: if your tweets are protected, we won’t be able to view them), and will run for the first two days of the conference from 9 am May 31st to 5pm on June 1st. Prizes for the competition have been generously donated by Library Juice Press.

There will be three prizes awarded over two categories:

Two Prizes for Best Critical Question
In this category, we challenge you to tweet your best critical questions to presenters using the hashtag #CAPAL15

One Prize for Best Thesis/Presentation Summary by a Presenter
In this category, we challenge conference presenters to sum up their presentation in one tweet using the hashtag #CAPALPRES

Tweets will be evaluated by members of the CAPAL Communications Committee, Ali Versluis and Colleen Burgess, based on the following criteria:
quality of engagement with conference content, originality, and scope of engagement (number of favourites, retweets, and replies the question tweet or summary tweet receives).

All attendees are invited to participate by:

  • favoriting and retweeting question and summary tweets
  • responding to the critical questions posed
  • replying to the presenter’s critical summary tweets
  • and by tweeting your own critical questions!

Winners will be announced during the third day of the conference.

Best of luck to all!

Colleen Burgess, Communications Chair

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