CAPAL Signs the Pisa Declaration and the Lyon Declaration

The Steering Committee voted in favor of signing both the Pisa Declaration and the Lyon Declaration respectively this week and added our name to the growing number of library associations in support of open access to grey literature, access to information, and in support of sustainable development.

The Pisa Declaration calls for the recognition of the value of grey literature: « In order to realize the benefits of research and information for scholarship, government, civil society, education and the economy, We, the signatories to this declaration, call for increased recognition of grey literature’s role and value by governments, academics and all stakeholders, particularly its importance for open access to research, open science, innovation, evidence-based policy, and knowledge transfer. » -Pisa Declaration

To read the full Pisa Declaration visit:

The Lyon Declaration calls on « Member States of the United Nations to acknowledge that access to information, and the skills to use it effectively, are required for sustainable development, and ensure that this is recognised in the post-2015 development agenda by:

a. Acknowledging the public’s right to access information and data, while respecting the right to individual privacy.

b. Recognising the important role of local authorities, information intermediaries and infrastructure such as ICTs and an open Internet as a means of implementation.

c. Adopting policy, standards and legislation to ensure the continued funding, integrity, preservation and provision of information by governments, and access by people.

d. Developing targets and indicators that enable measurement of the impact of access to information and data and reporting on progress during each year of the goals in a Development and Access to Information (DA2I) report. » -Lyon Declaration

To read the full Lyon Declaration visit:

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